Cranford Lane Teachers

Cranford's proud workers

Meet the Cranford Lane teachers who shape Berkeley Primary School

Berkeley Primary School has been around for many decades, teaching tens of thousands of students coming from all walks of life. Our success does not come from the high number of pupils but from the hard working staff that teaches them on a daily basis. Parents can rest assured that they are getting the highest level of teaching in the area. These are the men and women who help shape the future of every student and our school.
cranford lane teachers

Meet Some Of Our Staff

We have a lot off amazing people who work here at Berkeley, but here are some of the most recent outstanding workers of the month.
I teach English for the younger pupils at Berkeley Primary School


English Teacher

Bill Mays
I deal with a lot the social affairs with teachers, staff and pupils

Bill Mays

Social Manager

I teach computer technology, programming and maintenance


ICT teacher

Robyn Banks
I deal with all of the schools activities and alumni events

Robyn Banks

Activities Coordinator

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What makes a teacher successful?

Having tens of years experience does not constitute for being a successful teacher. Having a high end degree from attending a prestigious campus does not make you the best you can be. Although these are amazing achievements, what does it really take to become a success at Berkeley Primary? Simply focusing on your pupils and their needs. Lead by listening to your students. Engaging with your pupils is important and making them feel like they're not just thrown in a random school, albeit challenging is what we here at Berkeley Primary Believe in. All of our Cranford Lane teachers are highly trained, focused and overall fun.

Our vision

We aim to have the best experience by having the best Cranford Lane teachers in all of Hounslow. We aim to tighten our focus by employing more skilled but passionate teachers in the area. We aim to deliver an even better teaching experience for our pupils by using more engaging methods of learning. These are all very big goals but Berkeley Primary School has come a long way over the past few decades.

Family education trust

Trust is the most important value when dealing with pupils. So we believe that families as well as pupils should build a stronger trust system between the two. Parents regularly attend our schools on behalf of the pupil but we are now encouraging more of the student’s family members to attend as well. Our goal is to build a strong network of trust between teacher, staff, family members and of course, the student. Our facilities can accommodate for larger families so if you are on board for the next parent-student meeting, bring and member of the family too.

What are the core values of a teacher?

There are many core values that Berkeley Primary School teachers follow. Each teach has their own set upbringing but all share the same values when it comes to teaching. Values will differ from school to school, but we like to hold on to as much as we can;



This one is a no brainier. Without trust we would not have Berkeley Primary. Without trust we wouldn’t have the amazing Cranford Lane teachers that we do. The most important value for our community is trust.



Being upfront and clear about everything you do and say here at Berkeley Primary is a must when dealing with other staff and pupils. We like to make sure our messages get across in the most transparent way as possible.



Reliance is key for our teachers, staff and pupils. Something that everyone needs to take part in. Another cog piece to the well oiled machine that is Berkeley Primary School is reliance.



We do not want to be label as just another school that teaches the required subjects. We are all here to build a strong, family like community. Over the years everyone who works or learns at Berkeley Primary will naturally form bonds that will help everyone grow. Our alumni association is a prime example of our core value of having a strong community. Be it pupil, staff, family member or teacher, everyone helps everyone in some way or another.