Alumni Association

The new standard of alumni association

Like with many state schools, we now offer alumni for returning students who completed their years learning at Berkeley Primary School. We have a number activities and can facilitate returning pupils up to college age graduates. The alumni association has been recently proven to help with funding to keep Berkeley Primary School afloat. For those who do return, this is a great way to give a little back to the new pupils, staff and surrounding community.
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A reunion ceremony held for returning pupils. A yearly event that takes place in our auditoriums where pupils can meet and discuss their progress, this includes parents and returning staff.
A perfect opportunity for early starters who want to know about getting into work. If you are unsure what you want to do, here is a good place to start,
Pupils get access to attend regular events held in our facilities throughout our School or at social venues. Perfect for those looking closure with other pupils and staff.
A newly built gym specifically designed for returning pupils. Health is very important to us, so getting in to shape can further help with your learning in the future.
Our alumni offers a new library facility for those looking to broaden their knowledge. This includes borrowing books, printing documents and more.
Something we offer to pupils 8 years after they've passed and attended Berkeley Primary School. From janitorial work to assistant teaching, giving the employment opportunity to leavers is important to us.

What does it mean to be an alumni?

A look into how we are building a community of people who have attended our school. It's a continuous flow of bringing people together. See what former pupils and teachers are saying.

Can you be an alumni without graduating?

Short answer, yes! You can become alumni without passing the full duration. However, you do need to be with Berkeley Primary School for 3 years or more. This is to ensure all students are able to enjoy the benefits of being an alumni in our community. The longer you stay and the more you participate in our alumni associations, the better chance of becoming a pillar of our local community.

Reunion Ceremony

The reunion ceremony is an event that is held annually at our school for pupils who passed on to secondary and beyond. This is a chance to visit old friends, staff and teachers and a chance to make some new ones. Our reunion ceremony made to strengthen our local community and provide closure for old students.


All alumni must meet certain requirements before attending. We only have two major requirements for all previous attendants:


  • Attend Berkeley Primary School for 3 or more years
  • A 5 year gap after you have attended Berkeley Primary School from your last year

Careers and Advice

This part of the alumni is to help youngsters who are thinking about work and looking for advice or help them through to the years to come. Pupils who are unsure are more than welcome to use this service to help them into the right direction.


Similar to what you would find in many employment centres, we store information, find out what sort of path you’d like to take, contact various agencies and more. There are requirements to use our Careers and Advice service:

  • Attend Berkeley Primary School for 3 or more years
  • Ages 15 to 25
  • A small fee of £5 to register

Union Events

Our Alumni Association offers an addon to the reunion event where pupils and teachers can further participate in many events held at the school or in social venues. If you’d like to see more of Berkeley Primary School’s community of previous students, here’s the chance to attend.

Events include general sports such as football, swimming, basketball, cricket and more. You can also expect sight seeing, visiting museums, zoos and in some cases large scale theme parks. There are also local events for the older crowd to attend pubs for karaoke nights and more. There are requirements for these events as follow:


  • Attend Berkeley Primary School for 3 or more years
  • Group A ( 18 to 24 )
  • Group B ( 25+  )
  • Initial free for group access of £10
  • Additional fees can vary depending on the activity

Berkeley Gym Membership

One of the most popular amongst our alumni association, the gym membership is available to anyone who has attended the reunion of Berkeley Primary School. A chance to get fit and to grow is limitless with our newly built, specifically designed for all forms of training.


There are two requirements before obtaining a membership for the gym:


  • Attend the reunion ceremony
  • A small monthly fee of £3

Library Access

The association allows for every pupil of all ages to use our large library facilities. Since a large number of people attended Berkeley Primary School, it’s as if the public it’s self is coming here on a daily basis.


You can come to read, study, borrow books up to 10, print documents and use our internet for research at your leisure. There are requirements to using our library:


  • Attend Berkeley Primary School for 3 or more years
  • A small fee of £1 a month
  • Or, a fee for £10 a year that includes a library ID card


Berkeley’s alumni association prides it’s self on our careers service to help youngsters getting into work. Now with our ever expanding school and community, there is near enough always a need for staff.


We just don’t offer jobs but we also offer opportunities for former students who are unsure of their path. These placements are like work experience at our school, expect, you get paid! We have a number of job listings and placements that gets regularly updated so be sure to check back if there is nothing that suits you.


There are some requirements to work at Berkeley Primary School


  • Attend Berkeley Primary School for all of the years
  • Have some relevant experience or interest in the job you are applying for
  • Be the age of 18 or over