About Berkeley

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Who we are

Berkeley Primary is a school based in the London borough of Hounslow. We cater to all young ages with over 400 full time students and over 50 part timers. We are a school based on value, principle and care. With many years of experience in teaching, development and care we are known for our students outstanding progress. We were cited as one of the most improved schools in London and all of England. Our staff was praised for their work in bringing out a remarkable change in all of our students. With that said, Berkeley is hailed as on of the best schools in the country.
What Berkeley believes in

Our beliefs

Why is education important? Our stance on education importance is key to not only being successful teachers but to being the best mentors we can to our students. As a part of the Cranford Teaching Alliance and partnership with Teach First Partner School, we believe in associating ourselves with only the best teachers this country has to offer. Not only in academics but to truly understand the pupil and relay a positive yet understandable teaching method. Our vision is reflected in how well behaved our pupils have become. They're always enthusiastic to learn and eager to get class going. This is due to our upstanding teachers and various, helpful methods they use to teach. Our level of education is high quality and encourages the bond between home and school.

What we teach at Berkeley

At Berkeley Primary School we select the most fundamental subjects to teach to help in our pupils development. Every subject is curated to give our pupils the best, not only practical but fun learning experience they can get. From learning to properly read and write, to solving problems with modern technology with the basics of programming.
We have a few subjects and multiple sub-subjects that we teach. Learning to communicate and to identify numbers is the most important part of development. This is why English and maths are mandatory subjects to learn for everyone who attends Berkeley Primary School. There are some subjects that our more older pupils can choose from if they want to carry on into secondary. This includes workshop tools, science, music, art and the list goes on.

English & Maths

We help our pupils learn the core of our curriculum by teaching them the very basic of both English and Maths.


Over the years, our pupils will learn how to read and intemperate what they see. Also they will learn the basics of writing. We like to start by having them write their own names. It’s a fun experience for them as they get more accustomed to the English Language.


Like with learning to speak and write, knowing numbers is essential to development. So it’s important that our pupils know the basics of mathematics. We start by having them identify numbers and seeing how far they can count. Using a series of charts and diagrams are an interactive and fun way for them to learn.


Technology is now a large part of our lives. So we help older pupils who may want to learn the bare basics of computing. We have a few sub sections in ICT where pupils can choose what they want to learn.


We start out with teaching our most popular section in ICT which is computer programming. Pupils will learn the very basics for Front-End development with the option to learn some Back-End as well.


Another popular section of ICT is computer maintenance. This includes learning the hardware, software and the OS of a system to identify and fix problems.


There are other sub sections of IT for our pupils to learn but most of all will choose the two above.

Other Curriculum

We cover other subjects our pupils can learn, although not major, these subjects can help shape their future career choices.


Science is the most popular among our pupils out of the other curriculum. They will develop and get a feel for the basics of biology, chemistry and physic. They will learn how to work scientifically by understanding the process of nature.


Our workshop involves getting pupils to become familiar with wood working and assembly of products. This is primarily for older pupils who want to know the very basics of using simple tools and following instructions. We ensure that safety is practised and proper techniques are used when they are handling tools.