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We Are Berkeley Primary

We were cited as one of the most improved schools in London and all of England. Our staff was praised for their work in bringing out a remarkable change in all of our students. With that said, Berkeley is hailed as on of the best schools in the country.

English & Maths

We help our pupils learn the core of our curriculum by teaching them the very basic of both English and Maths.


Technology is now a large part of our lives. So we help older pupils who may want to learn the bare basics of computing. We have a few sub sections in ICT where pupils can choose what they want to learn.

Other Curriculum

We cover other subjects our pupils can learn, although not major, these subjects can help shape their future career choices. Science where the process of nature is understood and our workshop where pupils get a basic grasp of learning how to use common tools.
Become alumni with Berkeley Primary School

Alumni Association

One of the best things a pupil can do from attending or school is joining our alumni association. A minimum of 3 years attending can get you the benefits of getting into events, jobs and more. We've helped over thousands of pupils over the decades fine friendship, love and well paying jobs through the use of our alumni
  • Reunion ceremony
    A reunion ceremony held for returning pupils. A yearly event that takes place in our auditoriums where pupils can meet and discuss their progress, this includes parents and returning staff.
  • Careers and advice
    A perfect opportunity for early starters who want to know about getting into work. If you are unsure what you want to do, here is a good place to start,
  • Union Events
    Pupils get access to attend regular events held in our facilities throughout our School or at social venues. Perfect for those looking closure with other pupils and staff.
  • Gym membership
    A newly built gym specifically designed for returning pupils. Health is very important to us, so getting in to shape can further help with your learning in the future.
  • Library access
    Our alumni offers a new library facility for those looking to broaden their knowledge. This includes borrowing books, printing documents and more.
  • Jobs!
    Something we offer to pupils 8 years after they've passed and attended Berkeley Primary School. From janitorial work to assistant teaching, giving the employment opportunity to leavers is important to us.
Years of teaching
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Look At What Our Alumni Says About Berkeley

These are pupils who stuck it out until the very end of their terms. We have far too many positive reviews to place onto one site.

Attending Berkeley Primary School was one of the best choices my parents made for me. They were former students, including myself and then I plan on having my child attend when it’s time. The reunion after 10 years of leaving the school was an amazing experience seeing how all of my peers and teachers grew.

Silvy Long Armstrong

Photographer & Designer

After attending Berkeley primary school, I began working here after my second year at university. Working as an assistant teacher with some of my old mentors was an amazing experience and I recommend it to anyone who has previous attended to try the same.

Bethany “Beth” Davis

Teacher of English

When I was 17, I desperately wanted to find work and leave the education world to begin my life early.  After visiting a number of “job centres” the alumni has really helped with their quality advice, pointing me into the right direction of where I needed to be. Now at 27, I have never been out of a job since I was 18. If you have attended and not an alumni, you are missing out.

Usef Charles


Up until my 20th birthday, I have been using Berkeley’s careers advice and library services which inevitably landed me my very own business in managing teaching resources. The alumni has really kick started me straight into the world of business. Who would of thought, a primary school to help with people’s businesses?

Christopher Jenkins

Teaching Resource Manager

Meet Some Of Our Staff

We have a lot off amazing people who work here at Berkeley, but here are some of the most recent outstanding workers of the month.
I teach English for the younger pupils at Berkeley Primary School


English Teacher

Bill Mays
I deal with a lot the social affairs with teachers, staff and pupils

Bill Mays

Social Manager

I teach computer technology, programming and maintenance


ICT teacher

Robyn Banks
I deal with all of the schools activities and alumni events

Robyn Banks

Activities Coordinator

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