RE - Religious Education

A wide variety of religions are celebrated and followed at Berkeley, and our RE lessons give children the opportunity to learn more about the religions of their peers and community.

Our RE curriculum is based on the Widening Horizons, Hounslow agreed syllabus. Lessons are enquiry based and designed to develop the children’s critical thinking skills and develop their empathy with other people and their beliefs.

During their time at Berkeley, children will have the opportunity to learn about the 6 major world religions (Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism) alongside Humanism as an example of an alternative belief system. Wherever possible, children compare and contrast religions to deepen their understanding, for example comparing pilgrimage in Islam and Christianity; what are the similarities and differences? Are follower’s motivations the same?

To further enhance their learning children are given the opportunity to visit local places of worship, such as the Church, Mosque and Gurdwara. Members of different faith communities, such as a Vicar and Imam are also invited into school to give children the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the beliefs and actions of different religions.

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