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Key Stage 2

¡Bienvenidos a Berkeley!

In Years 3-6, all children are taught Spanish by experienced Spanish teachers.  Our Spanish lessons are fun and active, with lots of songs and games to help the children become enthusiastic language students.  Teachers use actions, rhymes and pictures to support their language learning. 

Children start Spanish lessons in Year 3 and follow the new Programme of Study for Languages.  They learn to use Spanish in greetings and to talk about their family, colours, parts of the body, pets and days of the week – and lots more!  Classes are taught by fluent Spanish speakers who give all classroom instructions in Spanish, so that children develop excellent listening skills and proper pronunciation early on in their learning.  Children have their own workbooks which they use in lessons and in Spanish home-learning tasks.  This means they also learn important skills in reading and writing.  The best written work in Key Stage 2 is displayed on our school Spanish board for the rest of the school to enjoy.

Learning this language is opening up an exciting cultural world for our children, reinforcing their literacy skills and preparing them for a confident transition to language learning in Key Stage 3.

Click here for Key Stage 2 Spanish Curriculum Overview


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