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Discrete phonics sessions are taught in EYFS and KS1, at least once daily. Phonic knowledge helps children to decode new and unfamiliar words using blending as the prime approach. At Berkeley, we follow ‘Letters and Sounds’ to plan and deliver our sessions. Children are taught in small, similar ability groups and are assessed regularly - this helps us to identify children who need extra support for decoding and extra classes are provided for these children so they can catch up.

Children in Year 1 sit The Phonics Screening Check during the summer term and are expected to pass this (The Phonics Screening Check is a short assessment given to children as part of the National Curriculum. The test seeks to check whether children have learned to decode words using phonics to a required level. This is a statutory requirement and children nationally sit the test during the same week).

If they don’t pass the test in Year 1, they must re-sit the test in Year 2.  The Phonics Screening Check consists of 20 real and 20 pseudo-words.

Berkeley Primary School has outstanding outcomes in phonics, with 93% of the children in Year 1 passing in 2015.



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